Spring time designs

Yesterday I hauled myself away from my weekly dose of Saturday sport on the box and trekked along to see some fresh designs from Manchester’s latest batch of graduates. Feeling like a fish out of water I mingled with the excited parents, bored siblings and expectant students.



Not knowing where to start, I figured the best place was the top where I found a textile/fashion collection. Now I’m bloke, who likes deign but has a boy-like approach to aesthetics; probably not the best person to pass judgement on the work of others in this field, but flicking through work-books was like reading ID/face/Dazed&Confused magazines back in the noughties.

The fusion of different fabrics and juxtapositioning  of different cultural aesthetics made me reconsider my preconceptions. Finding two young designers (one Jamaican, one caucasian-blonde;-) sitting by their work, I talked to them after browsing the collection. The pieces I’d assumed the work of one, belonged to the other.
Check blondie beside the neon cape thing with ethnic tassles (told you I’m a bloke and know sweet FA ’bout female fashion).
Check (nervous-looking) gyal from Jam-rock (rocking a Ramones T), beside her Prada-esque (a distinctly Italian/Euro/White?) dress-thing.

Working my way through the exhibition I was tickled by the wit, impressed by the practicality and awed by the range of modern designs on display. Honourable mention to Becka Saville for having the sharpest-looking business cards and a most-media-savvy-name…Seriously check out this girl’s work:



Headhunted by Adidas to produce online virals, due to work at Esquire magazine, this young designer is going places.


I was also taken by the work of Alice Ellis-Hayle. Her bird-boxes, designed to help older folk deal with dementia and placate so-called ‘hard-to-teach’ kids; released the my inner-child. I was making and remaking the boxes, placing them in the tree, suggesting blinged-up verions…


If I get to be a contented old man, sitting on ma porch, shooting the breeze with a mate then I might consider purchasing such a bird-box – (if only to give me easier targets for ma’ shot-gun;-). For the record I’ve never owned, or would want to own a shooter; I just have a gun-ho attitude to metaphors. Boom! Boom!

On the topic of guns, props out Ban Hawamdeh a designer from Dubai using 3D printers to create expensive-looking bling. I liked her work if only it made me realise cutting-edge tech could be used to make the world a better place…well a prettier one for those into wearing disposable rings.


As I’m a young’un (@ ❤ as northun kids say;-), I’ll fill the rest of the post with pretty pictures of designs that caught my eye. Stay cool, clean and clear. 1.x

IMG_2409   IMG_2412 IMG_2413 IMG_2421 IMG_2422 IMG_2430 IMG_2440

Props to this designer who managed to grow a tree using some magic beans found on Dali’s work bench for her final piece.
(If anyone out there wants to contact any of the designers depicted here holla – preferably @ mmu, or @ me if you must;-)



2 responses to “Spring time designs

  1. like the look and feel of tumblr better, remixed version here >>> http://silverpete77.tumblr.com/

  2. Liz

    Hi, its Elizabeth Jane Winstanley, I received an email off you with regards to my work but it seems to of disappeared off my account. I want to forward you the information you requested so can you please re send the email and il get back to you.
    Kind Regards,

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