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Best. T Shirt. Ever. (part 1)

I like T-shirts. They’re simple and honest. They let you know fcuk loads about the person wearing them. Tucked-in, box-fresh, bearing disco-dirt from too many all-nighter; all T-shirts tell a story. From the garishly gash, to the most cripplingly clean kriss cuts, T-shits are versatile beasts. I’m not a fashionista so I’m not gna issue instructions on what to wear; but here’re some T-shirts I find interesting.


I like it when you see people wearing T-shirts that you wouldn’t expect ‘em to. Best example of this was an stocky street looking caucasian kid @  Notting Hill carnival rocking a purple version of this shirt. It may look a bit shit in white; but trust me the purple wigger version rocked it. Ambling amongst the post-party rubbish he’s an image I’ll not forget for a while. Purple, a colour commonly associated with royalty, his meandering gait was a bit like the bloke in an advert for Southern Comfort.

(Whatever’s comfortable – Southern Comfort spot – shit, they really should throw some sheckles my way for this;-)

NEway – T-shirts… In this day and age we’re all encouraged to recycle and I reckon the best T’s are those found through second-hand means: thrift/charity stores, friends’ bedrooms and in the developing – where our ‘old’, ‘unfashionable’ garments end up after charitable donations.


I took this pic in Sierra Leone in a remote village. Walking round the place I loved the way kids without a proverbial a pot-to-piss in were making good use of our surplus wealth, I especially loved the way this village elder was porting something I would have stolen off his back – a bit juevenile – (but hey I’m a Bo Boy;-).

IMG_7889  IMG_6365

During my time in Sierra Leone I saw, and (over)analysed the shirts I saw people wearing. As it was just after Obama’s first election and there were shed loads of made-in-China-tat bearing his mug. Although I always thought he was a bit of a puppet, I liked the way they made local people proud to be a part of global events.

As I’m a now an ex-media hoe, I’ve gots to mention the plethora of fcuk Micheal Moore T-shirts I saw in Salone. I quite like his docs and think he’s one of those rare commodities – an independent creative film maker – still it tickled me to see black Africans wearing advertising pro-right-wing republican political views.


As it’s getting late and I’ve got real-world shit to do, I’ll end with some of my favourite T-shirts.ever.

IMG_7112_2  IMG_5390 IMG_1131

laters ppl 1.x

Like this:


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